Panorama Antennas GPSB4

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Panorama Antennas GPSB4

Shark fin style MiMo WiFi + GPS antenna



Shark fin style MiMo WiFi + GPS antenna

The GPSB series antenna provides for multible RF technologies within one antenna housing.Requiring only a singele hole fixing,the GPSB reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact.
The OME shark fin style design provides multible antenna functions while remaining discrete.
The GPSB is suitable for public safety (overt and discrete)and transportation applications, where a cost effective and efficent antenna is essential to the system.

Weitere Informationen

Frequencies MHz
1575 / 2400 / 4900-6000

Cable Length

2x SMA f (WiFi) & 1x FME f (GPS) & 1x FME m (Whip)

Part No.     GPSB4

Electrical Data

Frequency Range (MHz)
Operational Bands
Gain: Isotropic     2dBin (on all bands)

Compared to ¼ wave    0dB (on all bands)

Polarisation   Vertical

Pattern   Omni-directional

Impedance    50Ω

Max Input Power (W)   25 internal elements / main whip dependant on radiator

GPS Data

Frequency Range (MHz)   1575

VSWR   <1.5:1 ± 4MHz

Gain: LNA   26dB

Polarisation   Right Hand Circular

Operating Voltage   3-7V DC (fed via coax)

Current   Typical 14mA

Mechanical Data

Dimensions (inches)
Operating Temp (°C)    -40° / 176°F (-40° / +80°C)

Material   Impact resistant UV light stabilised ABS

Colour   Black

Ingress Protection    Equivalent to IP67 when correctly installed

Cable Data

Cable Type
Diameter (inches)
Length (inches)


Dokumentation PDF Panorama Antennas GPSB4 Datasheet (997.0 kB)

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