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Lanner LVC-5000-A0

Product is End of Life : 2018-05-24
Intel® Sandy Bridge Dual-core Celeron 847E In-vehicle Computer



Built for vehicular settings the LVC-5000-A0 has gone through extensive vibration and shock testing, it has been approved under the E-mark certification an in-vehicle computer. The LVC-5000 has an onboard GPS receiver and 2 Mini-PCIe slots for both WiFi or 3G add-on modules. It allows the LVC-5000 to update content as well as offload tracking information along with the captured images to a remote monitoring system in real-time and wirelessly. The system also boasts an abundance of I/O and internal expansion capabilities including 2 LAN, 4 USB, 2 COM ports, and DIDO ports. Stand out features of this product include:

Design for MIL-STD-810G with Extreme Operating Temperature

This product is ruggedized to support a wider than usual range of temperatures. Outfitted with industrial components (HDD/SSD,CF, Memory) this appliance can thrive in harsh conditions from -30 to 60ºC.

Fanless Design with Corrugated Aluminum

The corrugated aluminum casing allow heat to dissipate off the top of the platform allowing for a fanless design.

Vehicle Ignition Power Management

Detects the ignition on/off status and allow to control delay time by flexible setting via software utility.

Modularized and customizable design

The LVC-5000 series design features the Lanner Proprietary Internal Multi-IO Interface, which carries signals for 2 USB ports, 4 x UART, 4 x Digital I/O, 2 x PCIe, and 1 x SATA 2.0. This allows for customized add-on modules for other features.


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