ADDER AV108MP (Product is End of Life)

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ADDER AV108MP (Product is End of Life)


AdderView 108 MP



The AdderView designed to control mixed PC, Sun, Mac and laptop computers from a single console, the AdderView 108 MP’s range of popular features make it a good choice for PC only applications too.

The AdderView 108 MP is designed for demanding applications where reliable operation is needed across multiple computers and mixed operating systems and is a top choice with system administrators. USB keyboard support enables you to choose the optimum PC, Sun or Mac style keyboard to control your computers. Whatever the application, the 108 MP is a switch that will not disappoint.


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CPU Connectors

8 x 15 way HD D Female for CPU video.
8 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU keyboard.
8 x 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU mouse.

Console Connectors

1 x USB type A connector for controlling keyboards.
1 x USB type A connector for controlling mice.
1 x 15 way HD D Female for controlling monitors.
1 x 5V DC 2A power inlets for external PSU.
1 x D9 way Female for Flash upgrade, RS232 control, expansion and remote connectivity accessories.

Advanced On Screen Display

Up to 16 different passwords and user profiles can be stored on the Matrix

Flash upgradeable firmware

As new drivers are released, free upgrades can be downloaded from the ADDER website.

Front panel keys

Used for selecting users and channels manually. Also used for selecting auto-scan.

Front panel display

7 Segment display (red) shows the currently selected CPU.
7 Segment display (green) shows the currently selected user.
Indicators show keyboard and mouse activity.

Selection methods

Convenient switching using On Screen Display menu, selectable keyboard hot-key, 3 button mouse, front panel key or RS232 serial control.Hot connection of devicesDevices can be connected to many running PCs without reboot by using the keyboard and mouse reset feature.

On the fly configuration

The Matrix 108 MP can be configured using the OSD menu.


User definable hot-key commands can be used for quick channel selection.


Where the size of your installation is beyond the scope of a single Matrix 108 MP, additional units can be cascaded. This will allow you to use multiple units to provide a video-switching network.


The Matrix 108 MP can be set to automatically scan all ports or all active ports at a user definable rate.

Automatic mouse conversion

PS/2, IntelliMouse and RS232 type mice are all supported between switch and CPUs. Controlling mouse/trackball is PS/2 type.


Mouse control of OSD menu.
Name search facility in OSD menu.
User may select exclusive or shared computer access.
Keyboard and mouse reset features for each user port.
Optional CPU reminder banner may be transparent and moved around the screen.
Upload and download of OSD configurations to a PC file or Excel spreadsheet.
Cascaded units do not need to be configured.


All metal case (WxDxH) 482x205x45 mm


5V DC, 2A.


89/336/EEC CE marked.



Rack options

RMK1 19” 1U rack mount kit for ADDERView Matrix AV108MP

Upgrade cable

CAB-9M/9F-2M PC to ADDERView Matrix MP upgrade cable

Ordering Information

AVM108MP: 1 x USB keyboard, mouse and monitor ports to 8 CPUs.


Rack options
RMK1 19” 1U rack mount kit for AdderView Matrix AV108MP
Upgrade cable
CAB-9M/9F-2M PC to AdderView Matrix MP upgrade cable
CPU to AdderView Matrix MP cables
VKKVM-0.5M 0.5m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-1M 1m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-2M 2m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-5M 5m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
VKVM-10M 10m "3-in-1" cable for PS/2
CCUSB 2m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCUSB-5M 5m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCUSB-10M 10m “3-in-1” cable for USB
CCSUN 2m “3-in-1” cable for SUN
CCSUN-5M 5m “3-in-1” cable for SUN
CCSUN-10M 10m “3-in-1” cable for USB


Dokumentation PDF DataSheet (224.4 kB)

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