DIGI PortServer TS Haz MEI

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DIGI PortServer TS Haz MEI

PortServer TS Haz MEI



The PortServer® TS Haz MEI is designed for serial-to-Ethernet connectivity in hazardous locations Robust, hardened model with extended temperature tolerance (-35° C to 74° C) Class 1, Division 2 certified

Conformal coated circuit board 1, 2 or 4 RS-232/422/485 serial ports The PortServer TS Haz MEI makes it easy to connect one to four serial devices to your network, even in applications where environmental hazards demand extended safety features and operating tolerances. With a conformal coated circuit board, extended temperature tolerance and the ability to safely perform in flammable environments (Class 1, Division 2 certified), it is the ideal device connectivity solution for applications in factory automation and utility management (gas, electric and water).

Like the rest of Digi´s broad serial server offering, the PortServer TS Haz MEI is built for applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling, TCP or UDP Sockets, or the ability to send UDP packets to multiple destinations. RealPort® technology makes it possible to establish a connection between the host and networked serial device by creating a local COM or TTY port on the host computer, allowing software applications to work seamlessly over the device server and communicate with the target device.

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Model/Description Part Numbers
PortServer TS 4 Haz MEI 70002320


Dokumentation PDF DIGI PortServer TS Hcc MEI Datasheet (342.5 kB)

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