NetComm Wireless NTC-140W

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NetComm Wireless NTC-140W

Product is End of Life : 2019-02-11
4G WiFi M2M Router



The NetComm Wireless 4G WiFi M2M Router utilises the speed and performance capabilities of a LTE/4G network to deliver seamless M2M connectivity for a broad range of M2M applications. The NTC-140W features two Gigabit Ethernet ports and high speed WiFi connectivity making it an ideal device for high speed networking.
The device also features vehicle voltage support, GPS and Ignition input making it ideal for mobile assets and transportation applications.

The NTC-140W creates point-to-point and point-to-multi-point communication enabling the secure collection and analysis of data from remote and unmanned applications.

The NTC-140W’s powerful processor delivers optimal performance and its embedded NetComm Linux OS and Software Development Kit (SDK) offers the end user the capability to install custom firmware to the on-board flash memory via the programming interface.
Built in VPN clients also ensure a secure connection over a public mobile network.

Its polycarbonate and rubber enclosure is mountable, designed for rugged deployments and also features temperature tolerances making it ideal for remote and industrial environments. The device also features 1 x I/O and USB OTG.

High Bandwidth 4G
With an embedded 4G modem providing high speed cellular connectivity, this device is perfect for applications that require higher bandwidth and faster throughput speeds. With global connectivity, this device is ideal for applications where large volumes of data and media is being sent and received and where real time content is being accessed.

Complete connectivity
A complete range of networking and connectivity options are available with this router. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports (LAN + WAN/LAN) provide a high speed wired connection, the built-in WiFi access point can connect wireless clients and the multi-purpose I/O port can be used to attach sensors and other peripherals to the network. In addition, the integrated GPS receiver enables users to perform location based tracking and monitoring.

Ignite your devices
The NTC-140W can be configured and setup to start and shutdown at the same time as an ignition for vehicular applications. It has also passed vibration and shock test to ensure it is suitable for vehicular applications

Industrial features
As you would expect, this router comes with a host of industrial features that enable advanced usage over a long period of time. Features such as an open Linux OS with a software development kit (SDK), VPN support and TR-069 for remote management and monitoring give the user complete power over the device. A configurable power save mode and a polycarbonate housing with multiple mounting options ensure this device can be used in all industrial applications.


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Dokumentation PDF NetComm Wireless NTC-140W-01 Spec-Sheet (512.9 kB)

Dokumentation PDF NetComm Wireless NTC-140W-02 Spec-Sheet (724.3 kB)

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