Panorama Antennas WMM-7-27-5SP / WMMG-7-27

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Panorama Antennas WMM-7-27-5SP / WMMG-7-27

Wall Mount Omni-directional MiMo LTE Antenna



The WMMG antenna provides an innovative and future proof solution for 2G / 3G and 4G networks. Incorporating two separately fed ultra wideband elements in a single housing the WMMG is equipped to provide client side MiMo and diversity support for the networks of today and tomorrow. With 2dBi gain at 698-960MHz, 5dBi gain at 1710-2170MHz and 4dBi gain at 2.2-2.7GHz the WMMG provides extra gain performance where it is needed most.

The rugged, weatherproof housing is designed for wall mounting. Wall and mast mount brackets are provided.

5 metres of fitted low loss double shielded twin cable minimises exposed connector joints and simplifies cable management for easy installation.

The WMMG is an cost effective value added product for network operators and service providers ensuring a stable link with improved data rates for subscribers thereby improving satisfaction and retention.

Weitere Informationen

Frequencies MHz
698-960 / 1700-2700

Cable Length

2x SMA m (Cellular)

Electrical Data

Frequency Range (MHz)
Operational bands    2G / 3G / 4G

Radiation pattern    Hybrid

VSWR    < 2:1

Peak Gain (excluding cable loss)
Efficiency - excluding cable loss (all bands)    > 50%

Correlation co-efficient ( all bands)    < 0.2

Element isolation    > 20dB

Max input power (W)    20 Watts

Impedance    50Ω

Mechanical Data

Dimensions (mm)
Operating temp (°C)

-30° / +70°C (-40° /180°F)

Material    ASA

Colour    RAL9010 (Pure White)

Ingress Protection    Equivalent to IP66

Mounting Data

Fixing    Wall mount / mast mount / desk mount

Mounting bracket material    Stainless steel / Aluminium

Pole diameter (mm)    20-50 / (0.78 - 1.96”)

Cable Data

Type    2 x CS29 Coax

Diameter (mm)    5 (0.2”)

Length (m)    5 (16’)

Termination    2 × SMA (m) (p/n WMMG-7-27-5SP) or 2 x FME (f) (p/n WMMG-7-27-5F)

Adaptor Pigtails    Supplied separatel


Dokumentation PDF Panorama Antennas WMM-7-27-5SP (1044.2 kB)

Dokumentation PDF Panorama WMMG-7-27 (888.1 kB)

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