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Lanner LEC-2280P2

Fanless Embedded Computer with 3rd Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3



LEC-2280 embedded computers use Intel® 3rd Generation Core® i3, i5, and i7 processors for excellent performance and rich expansion capability, and they are designed for wide deployment in application-specific environments, such as industrial automation and vision control. Also available is the high performance variant SKU-7B, with i7-3612QE quad-core processors, and the power efficient SKU-7A with the i7-3555LE CPU. Our fanless embedded systems emphasize stability and longevity, and deliver an extremely reliable solution for the most remote locations.

This product also provides a rich I/O interface with two GbE LAN ports, four serial COM ports and 4 USB ports for communications.

Intel Ivy Bridge Platform

The 22nm Ivy Bridge processors outperform its predecessor, Sandy Bridge, with a 5%~15% increase in CPU performance and 25%~68% increase in integrated GPU performance. Ivy Bridge processors use 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology which consumes up to 50% less power than 2-D transistors at the same performance level. The customers wish to upgrade to Ivy Bridge will definitely see an increase in performance and a reduction in power consumption.


The lifespan of this IPC is extended with the removal of the most easily damaged component, the fan.

Multi-Screen Support

This platform comes with multiple video-out ports and can support separate video streams on dual displays.

Integrated SIM card reader

Integrated in one of the mini-PCIe slots, the SIM card reader, allows for users to enable 3G use for their IPC.

Expandable PCI slots

The product has additional space for 2 PCI expansion, allowing flexibility for whichever type of expansion per customers´ needs and requirements.

Multi I/O Expansion Layer

LEC-2280 has an unique Multi I/O (MIO) Expansion Layer that makes it easier to get the I/O configuration you need. From the main board there is also an I/O connector that fits with a plug-in I/O card which you can customize by choosing from a selection of ports you need - Audio, DI/DO, Serial, USB, LAN and eSATA. There is also a drive bay area with SATA connectors for a 2.5” HDD or SSD. This connection can also be used to create an external CompactFlash socket.

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Dokumentation PDF Lanner LEC-2280P2 Datasheet (663.7 kB)

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