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Industrial PROFIBUS-to-fiber converters



Die industriellen PROFIBUS-zu-Glasfaser-Konverter der Serie ICF-1180I werden zum Umwandeln von PROFIBUS-Signalen von Kupferkabel zu Glasfaser eingesetzt. Sie können die überbrückbaren Strecken für die serielle Übertragung um bis zu 4 km (Multimode-Glasfaser) oder um bis zu 45 km (Single-Mode-Glasfaser) erhöhen. Der ICF-1180I bietet einen Überspannungsschutz bis 2 kV für das PROFIBUS-System und verfügt über zwei Betriebsspannungseingänge, die den unterbrechungsfreien Betrieb Ihres PROFIBUS-Geräts gewährleisten.


Weitere Informationen

Fiber Cable Test Function

Fiber-optic cables are usually deployed for long distance communication. To ensure proper communication across the fiber-optic cables, engineers use fiber sensors. With fiber cable test function through DIP switch adjustments, the ICF-1180I series converters eliminate the need to rely on fiber-optic sensors. This function not only detects fiber communication abnormalities but also validates the format of the received packet. It can also determine which side (Tx or Rx) is causing the problem.


When the PROFIBUS device malfunctions or the serial interface fails, it will generate electrical noise, resulting in bus failure. Traditional media converters will let the noise signal pass through the fiber and on to the other converter. This will disrupt data transmissions between the two buses and eventually communication ceases across the entire system. When this occurs, the engineer will not be able to easily locate the failed device because the entire PROFIBUS network is down. To avoid this situation, the ICF-1180I was designed to detect and recognize noise signals. If the bus fails on one side, the noise signal will not propagate through the ICF-1180I and affect additional bus segments. In addition, the ICF-1180I will also trigger an alarm notification to the field engineer on the location of the failure.

Fiber Signal Intensity Diagnosis

In some circumstances, you may need to measure the receive level of the fiber optic port with a voltmeter, which can be connected while the device is operating (doing so will not affect data transmission). The measurement can be taken with a voltmeter and read on a PLC that uses floating high impedance analog inputs, which allows you to do the following: 1. Record the incoming optical power for later measurement (e.g., to indicate aging or damage). 2. Carry out a good/bad test (limit value).



PROFIBUS Communication

Physical Characteristics

Environmental Limits

Power Requirements

Standards and Certifications

Ordering Information

           Available Modules
ICF-1180I-M-ST PROFIBUS to fiber converter, multi-mode, ST connector, 0 to 60°C
ICF-1180I-S-ST PROFIBUS to fiber converter, single-mode, ST connector, 0 to 60°C
ICF-1180I-M-ST-T PROFIBUS to fiber converter, multi-mode, ST connector, -40 to 75°C
ICF-1180I-S-ST-T PROFIBUS to fiber converter, single-mode, ST connector, -40 to 75°C


Dokumentation PDF MOXA ICF-1180I Datasheet (663.0 kB)

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