Advantech ECU-4784

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Advantech ECU-4784

Intel Hasewell Core i7, Celeron & Ivy Bridge i7- quad core Processors - IEC-61850-3 Certified Power Automation Computers



The ECU-4784 series are TUV IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certified products, which can provide high reliability and stability for global power automation target market application. With the fanless and robust design, high CPU performance, flexible expansion, rich communication interfaces and intelligent functions, the ECU-4784 series are industrial PC that suitable for smart substation in harsh environment, not the general computers.


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Key Features & Benefits

X86 Architecture with Intel Hasewell Core i7, Celeron Processors

The ECU-4784 series support different Intel processors choice which can deliver very high performance and broad operating system and software compatibility, including 1.7GHz dual-core i7, and 1.6GHz Celeron 2980U.

Redundant Power Supply

The ECU-4784 support two 100~240V power modules (One power is build-in, the other one by CTOS configuration center), which providing reliable, independent and continuous power supply, ensure your stable operation.

48V Power for Selection

For special industry application, customer could install 48V power module on ECU-4784 by CTOS configuration center. So different power combination supply for your selection: 220V+48V and dual 48V.

IO Expansion Slots

The ECU-4784 supports two standard PCI/PCIe expansion slots, each slot supports 1x PCIe and 2x PCI interface, enabling you to customize the system I/O to meet your applications requirement, with flexible UNOP and ECM cards.

Isolated and Rich Communication Interfaces

For various communication requests, the ECU-4784 provides as many as 26x serial ports (With UNOP-1628D/1618D), 12x Ethernet ports (with UNOP-1514) and 6x USB ports, all isolated ports that get flexible and reliable system interconnection.

Mass and Fast Storage

The ECU-4784 has 1x CFast and 2x 2.5’’ hot-swappable SATA interfaces from the rear panel. The integrated SATA controller could support Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID) to maximize data availability and improve storage performance, RAID 0, RAID 1 , RAID 5 are all supported.

Versatile Display Interface

DVI and VGA interfaces are both supported for your display application.

Programmable LEDs

For ECU-4784, eight programmable LEDs on front panel for your customization.

Intelligent Connectivity Diagnosis Management

Because of an intelligent agent build-in ECU-4784, the serial ports and Ethernet ports will be under monitoring. This software function could help the ECU-4784 to enhance maintenance efficiency.

Remote Management

Using Intel Active Management Technology, the ECU-4784 enables full access to the system, storage, desktop, mouse, keyboard and video remotely, regardless of whether they are powered up or whether the functioning operating system is paralyzed.

Trusted Platform Module

An Infineon microchip build-in the mother board, helps ECU-4784 to prevent the illegal user access, which protects the system to be safe.

Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O

The VT-D architecture enables system software to assign one or more I/O devices to a protection domain, and provides the necessary isolation to assure separation between each virtual machine’s computer resources, which improves performance of I/O devices in virtualized environment



System Hardware


Communication Interface


Ordering Information
Available Models
ECU-4784-D55SAE Intel Haswell Core i7 1.7GHz, 8GB RAM, 8 x LAN,10 x COM, 2 x Slot Computer
ECU-4784-D56SAE Intel Haswell Core i7 1.7GHz, 16GB RAM, 8 x LAN,10 x COM, 2 x Slot Computer
XECU-FSP150-1H35 FSP AC 100-240V 150W W/PFC (Note: For ECU-4784 Dual Power Request,
by CTOS configuration center)
9893SW0400E DC 42V~56V module(Note: For ECU-4784 48V Power Request,
by CTOS configuration center)


Dokumentation PDF Advantech ECU-4784 Datasheet (160.8 kB)

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