NetModule NB1800 LTE & WLAN

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NetModule NB1800 LTE & WLAN

High-Performance Router with LTE, GbE, SFP and WLAN-ac Connectivity



The powerful NB1800 makes fastest Internet access possible and provides the key features for edge computing, serving as WLAN hotspot or industrial VPN server with fallback links.

For reliable network connectivity, the NB1800 router supports up to two LTE Advanced or WiFi IEEE 802.11ac modules as well as two Gigabit Ethernet and one fiber (SFP) port. The basic features include a USB host port and a serial interface with RS-232 or RS-485 mode. Two extension slots serve for application specific interfaces.

DIN rail mounting, wide operating temperature range and IP40 metal housing allow operation under harsh conditions.

Customers can easily integrate their specific applications with the scriptbased SDK environment or the LXC Linux virtualization separated to the router’s host system. For example, the NB1800 can be used as a protocol converter by preprocessing interface data locally and forwarding it to the router’s network interfaces. Thanks to the integrated SD card reader, data can also be stored locally.

The router software is based on well proven components including an embedded Linux operating system. The dual-SIM feature and the sophisticated WAN Link Manager are offering redundancy and load balancing to achieve high availability using multiple network providers. VLANs can be used to separate the networks and to provide dedicated communication paths for different applications. Quality of Service support allows traffic prioritization to avoid that less important tasks are blocking high priority data transfers. With its VPN protocol suite, remote devices can easily and securely be connected. The router comes with wide range of communication and routing protocols as MobileIP, OSPF, BGP and RSTP. Other features include E-Mail and SMS for alarming and notifications, a web server and RADIUS authentication and hidden SSID’s for WLAN.



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NB1800-LWac LTE, WLAN-ac Router


Dokumentation PDF NetModule NB1800 LTE & WLAN Datasheet (1096.3 kB)

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