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IPE Audio Systems

IPE Audio Systems

In recent years the radio broadcast studio has become an increasingly complex IT environment.Developments in technology have resulted in computer automated studios which require robust,mission-critical systems.


There are three inherent problems with filling an on-air studio with computing equipment - noise, heat and space. Together with Adder, IPE (Independent Project Engineering) have solved these problems for their clients, including a national broadcasting institution.


AdderLink XSeries Extendersenable engineers and presenters to control and access their systems without compromise fromtheir existing keyboards, monitors and mice. The computers themselves are located remotely in an environmentally controlled apparatus room.

Mike Birch, Senior Project Engineer, IPE comments;
"In a typical station we would use approximately 20 pairs of AdderLink XSeries Extenders together with Adder multi channel KVM switches, which enables us to simplify and control multiple studio environments as required. At any one time there is the need to support mixed operating systems and simultaneous users working in a challenging environment with the key requirement of it remaining noise-free."

The XSeries works by extending keyboard, video and mousesignals over UTP cable at a distance of up to 200m. In the case of a national broadcasting institution, all functions associated with music playout, network services and studio management are controlled and monitored via the X-KVM and X-Dual Video modules.

A typical on-air studio consists of multiple LCD monitorsdisplaying an active playlist, news and sport information, technicalstudio configuration for the presenter´s digital mixing desk andnetworked audio server information. These are controlled from asingle keyboard and mouse as a further space saving measure.


"In this kind of high-pressure environmentyou just can´t afford for anything to gowrong. Once the AdderLink XSeriesmodules are configured and rackmountedwe know that we can forget about thembecause they just work, giving us anextremely reliable engineering solutionwhich fixes the inherent problems of thestudio but adds no further complexity tothe user," said Mike Birch.

Darryl Flinders, Adder´s Sales andMarketing Director adds;
"We have provided a compact yet scalablesolution for broadcasters’ complex anddemanding studio environments. Themodular nature of the XSeries enablesproject engineers to precisely match theirvaried client´s requirements."

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